Looking at All Relevant Factors in Child Support

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While a strict formula determines child support calculations, the process is not always simple or automatic. Various nuances exist that may alter the final support amount. At Yates Family Law, PC, our Portland attorneys go beyond entering numbers into a calculator, by going through detail-driven fact-finding and looking at all relevant factors.

Anyone can plug numbers into the child support calculator. We dig deep to get to the facts related to income and expenses for your particular circumstances. For help, contact us at 503-505-6009 or toll free at 888-899-4319.

Oregon Child Support Modification Attorney Taking a Detail-Oriented Approach

Subtleties exist in the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. A parent who seeks a divorce, child support order or modification on their own may be unaware of factors which may significantly affect the child support calculation. One can enter numbers into a website calculator and come up with a number that is not accurate. At Yates Family Law, PC, we take on these complexities, on your behalf, and get to all of the pertinent facts.

Legal help is needed when deviating from the guidelines. Child care expenses and parenting time must be considered. Self-employment presents challenges in determining accurate income levels. Our fact-finding is designed to reveal hidden revenues for a business, misstated income on tax returns and overinflated business expenses.

We look out for the best interests of your children and zealously protect your rights.

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