LGBTQ Family Law

Fortunately, Oregon, and the rest of the nation now recognize same-sex marriage. It would be fantastic if the Supreme Court decisions in Windsor, Obergefell, and Pavin made LGBTQ family law simple. LGBTQ family law, like most family law, is not simple.

At Yates Family Law, we work with all families. We understand LGBTQ families often have additional hurtles both legal and emotional that are not common in other family law cases. Fortunately, our experienced team is ready to address all aspects of LGBTQ family law cases.

LGBTQ families often require additional legal protections. We can assist with second parent adoptions, prenuptial agreements, and domestic partnership agreements.

Legal protections are relatively new to LGBTQ families, though LGBTQ families are not new. If you are facing a dissolution, custody dispute, modification, or any other LGBTQ family law issue we are here to assist you.

In our office your family will not be seen as a "non-traditional family". You will simply be seen as another person in need of our advice and counsel and we would be happy to support you in your legal needs. You can contact our firm here for more information or to set up a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.