Assistance With Parental Relocation

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The decision of one parent to relocate with their children may be devastating to the parent left behind. During these difficult times, you need the level of dedication, professionalism and competency we provide at Yates Family Law, PC, in Portland. Whether you are requesting a move away or disputing the relocation, we will fight for the best outcome, while focusing on your children's best interests.

Post-divorce actions involving relocation is a complex legal matter that requires the help of a seasoned family law attorney. Contact us at 503-505-6009 or toll free at 888-899-4319.

A Dedicated Oregon Child Relocation Attorney Standing by Your Side

At Yates Family Law, PC, we understand that finding employment in a challenging job market is difficult. Sometimes, an opportunity presents itself out-of-state, requiring a move by the primary residential parent. In Oregon, the burden of being permitted to move is on the moving parent. The moving parent must establish the legitimacy of the move and that it is in the children's best interests.

The nonresidential parent facing reduced time with children may dispute the move, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. In any divorce or child related matter, the children's best interests come first.

For our clients, we expertly handle the complexity of these cases. Parents facing travel expenses to see their children may have support reduced and parenting time periods increased as a result of the other parents permitted move. Options exist. Contact an attorney at our firm to discuss these issues.

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