Recommended Reading

Our Office has developed a "team effort" philosophy of client representation. While the client cannot function as an attorney, a general knowledge of the law and the various factors considered by the court is extremely important. We strongly recommend you buy a book entitled "The Divorce Handbook" by James T. Freidman. This is not a "how-to-do-it" book, it is a questions and answer book which:

  1. Provides information for resolving and answering specific divorce questions and problems.
  2. Contains a glossary of divorce-related legal terms to help you better understand the process in which you are now involved.
  3. Identifies information which will be important to your case.
  4. Tells you where, when, and how to find that information.

The Divorce Handbook
by James T. Freidman

Joint Custody With A Jerk
by Julie A. Ross, M.A.
and Judy Corcoran

Custody for Fathers
by Carleen Brennan and
Michael Brennan-Attorney at Law

A copy of these books may be purchased through our office or by visiting