Support Staff

Janice DeFir

Janice DeFir is a paralegal who has worked in the legal field for over 40 years. After many years of specializing in complex construction litigation, Janice found her way into the field of family law in 2003.

"I find working with human beings to be much more rewarding than representing huge corporations. I am able to listen with empathy to clients who are going through a very stressful time and help them to understand the process."

Janice works with clients to assemble their discovery documents, prepares discovery requests and responses, organizes and produces discovery, and supports attorneys in preparing for mediation, arbitration, hearings, and trials. When not at work, Janice enjoys spending tine with her grandchildren, gardening, hiking, camping, beach trips and training her little dog, which she adopted from the Oregon Humane Society.

Janice L. DeFir, Paralegal

Louise  Dinsmore

In 1985, a trusting and believing attorney gave me the opportunity to begin a career as a legal assistant, and to this day I am forever grateful. Although I have worked in many areas of law, being a family law legal assistant has been my preference and passion. No one expects to get divorced (myself included), and there is a certain satisfaction in helping clients through the emotional and mental turmoil and struggle of a family dissolving, and supporting them as they look toward the future. I have worked at Yates Family Law, PC since 2005, and, specifically, for Michael Yates. When I am not at work as part of this great team, I spend time with my grandkids and love to travel.

Louise A. Dinsmore, Legal Assistant to Michael A. Yates

Andrea Morgan

I became curious about the law when drafting my own divorce papers (a self-confessed mistake!) and joined the family law community as a receptionist at the age of 21. Through a combination of night school and "learning the ropes" firsthand in the office, I became a legal assistant and have been working in family law for 15 years. My personal life experiences (being a young mother and divorced at the age of 19), provides me with a depth of understanding regarding the challenges our clients face.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, exploring the natural beauty of Oregon, and all things science fiction.

Andrea D. Morgan, Legal Assistant to Jacqueline L. Alarcon and Austin B. Batalden

David Gallegos

I have worked in the family law community for just over a decade and find it to be exciting and fulfilling. I take care of much of the details behind-the-scenes of the firm, such as preparing conference rooms for meetings, troubleshooting minor IT issues, and procuring any supplies that are needed for day-to-day firm operations, while providing quality customer service to our clients. When I am not at work I spend a lot of my free time with family and friends; enjoy Portland's local music scene; and I take advantage of the Northwest's great outdoors. I am a huge movie buff and can often be found honing my skill in photography and media production.

David Gallegos, Administrative Assistant

Kristen Vineyard

I am from a small town in rural southern Idaho, and arrived in Oregon over 25 years ago where Portland is my second home. I achieved a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Marylhurst University in 2002. I am an administrative professional with over 18 years of experience in the legal field. In addition to my love for nature, I am an avid supporter of the local music scene and a volunteer to many worthy causes including Friends of Trees, the Arbor Day Foundation and local arts, crafts and music festivals.

Kristen D. Vineyard, Receptionist and Office Administrator