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Changes Lead To ChoicesYour Expert Guide Through Changing Times
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Suggestions for dealing with a toxic co-parent

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Child Custody |

Toxic people can create complications in life, especially when the dysfunctional person is a co-parent. By mentally and emotionally preparing to deal with a problematic individual, you can make your circumstances easier to cope with.

Consider the following suggestions for interacting with a toxic co-parent.

Focus on self-control

You only have control over what you do. You cannot change the actions of your ex. Your feelings and the outcomes you receive often depend on your mindset and viewpoint.

Dedicate time to being the person you want to be and cultivate noble qualities like patience and reasonableness. When you are the finest person you can be, you might bring out good characteristics in others or at least have their respect.

Keep the children’s interests in mind

As a parent, many of your actions are for your children’s sake. However, the line between concern for a child and self-interest can blur.

Determine whether your disagreements about childrearing are truly for the child’s benefit or spring from a desire to retaliate against your ex. Do what you can to help your kids have a healthy relationship with the other parent.

Set explicit boundaries

When dealing with toxic individuals, you must set boundaries. Doing so helps you maintain your balance. Start by clearly identifying those boundaries in your own mind. You may need to write them down or say them out loud to clarify them.

Rehearse how you will relay them to the co-parent and pick a time to do so. Remain calm yet firm as you express yourself.

These tips can help you navigate interacting with a toxic co-parent. If the toxicity reaches a level of abuse or danger for you or your children, you may need to consider options for adjusting the custody agreement for the family’s benefit.