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going separate ways?
Changes Lead To Choices Your Expert Guide Through Changing Times
Yates Family Law PC
Speak with Michael A. Yates today.
going separate ways?
Changes Lead To ChoicesYour Expert Guide Through Changing Times
Important Announcement: Client meetings will continue to be offered over the telephone or virtually on the Zoom platform. At the firm’s discretion, in person meetings will require guests to show proof of vaccination status. Your attorney and legal staff will inform you on the court’s position on in person vs. virtual attendance in court or court related meetings as it applies to your case. Please continue to use email and telephone as the primary means to communicate with your attorney, paralegals and legal assistants. Thank you.

Skilled Lawyers Guiding You Through Your Divorce

Divorce is often not a simple legal matter that one or both spouses should attempt to handle on his or her own. The end of your marriage is far too significant to forego the legal representation you need and deserve. At Yates Family Law, PC, in Portland, Oregon, we take on both the financial and non-financial complexity of your divorce to minimize your anxiety, and allow you to focus on your daily activities and responsibilities.

We help you make the right decisions and remain at your side throughout the entire divorce process that may involve:

Take action to protect your rights and the best interests of your children. Contact us at 503-505-6009 or toll free at 888-899-4319.

While websites can advise potential “do-it-yourselfers,” they do not provide the overall education one needs to be an informed participant in the legal process. General information is simply not enough.

At your first consultation, we will answer all your questions and spend time with you to discuss the following:

  • The divorce process and timeline
  • Divorce law
  • Financial matters, including support, taxation, valuation, and asset division
  • Psychological issues related to custody and parenting plans
  • A strategy for issue resolution

The attorney at Yates Family Law, PC, go above and beyond representing our clients. We will face the complexity of divorce on your behalf, bringing extensive experience and competence. We will also tap into our network of experts who possess specialized knowledge of divorce-related areas.

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