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going separate ways?
Changes Lead To Choices Your Expert Guides Through Changing Times
Yates Family Law, P.C.
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going separate ways?
Changes Lead To ChoicesYour Expert Guides Through Changing Times

Important Announcement:Yates Family Law, PC has been monitoring and continues to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Our firm has taken and will continue to take all proactive measures recommended to prevent the spread of the virus within our work environment. Our priority is the health and safety of our employees, clients, and vendors. In light of Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-12 (“Stay at Home”), effective March 23, 2020, Yates Family Law’s employees and attorneys will work remotely. Currently scheduled in-office meetings will be rescheduled as telephone calls, or face-to-face meetings using the Zoom platform. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in this dynamic time. Please be sure to utilize e-mail as the primary means of contacting your lawyer or paralegal team. Phone access may be limited due to remote work arrangements, but e-mails will be checked routinely by attorneys and staff. Our office will remain open, although working remotely, and we are still accepting new clients at this time.


“The divorce process is never easy, even in the cases where the parties are congenial. When that’s not the case, as in my situation, the stress levels can be extremely high. Handling the legal technicalities of the case is critical to a favorable outcome and Michael Yates and his staff, Louise Dinsmore and Grace Russ, certainly have the knowledge and experience in that area. Equally important is the legal strategy and the ability to minimize the stress level for the client. This is where Michael and his staff also excelled. Although the process is inherently difficult and expensive, Michael Yates and his staff were highly competent and were sensitive to the emotional strains of going through a divorce. I would highly recommend this firm.”

–Alan from Portland

“Your service has been priceless.”

–Thanks, Jon from Roseburg, OR

“I wanted to send you a warm thank you from myself and my family. You helped make a positive change in my son’s life and we are very greatfull for that. I really enjoyed working with you on this case.

My son is transitioning very well and is in great spirits.”

–Warmly , Reed of Portland

“Just a quick happy new year! Close on my new house tomorrow. Moving this weekend. Thank you for your help in 2013. It was hard and I don’t know how you do it, but I am thankful for your knowledge and sensitivity.

Happy New Year!”

–Kristine of Portland

“You represented me 3 years ago. Being my ex-wife had no legal representation the results were predictable. This time our case went all the way to the courtroom with another attorney representing my ex-wife. I initially noted my concern to you after seeing his credentials. You performed masterfully in court for me. I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking them.

My sincere thanks for everything.”

–Nick M. in Portland

“Jeff: I appreciate all you, and everyone I have had contact with at the office, have done.”
–Robert P. in Astoria

“Thank you for your help with the changes and for helping me see clearly vs. fearing my ex. I truly believe that things and people come into your lives for a reason. I may not have had great representation the first time around, but thankfully I did this time. You and your firm are truly in a class of your own. (Thank you Lisa, for all your help too!!) Thank God… and YOU, for doing all you could to expedite this and getting the paperwork done! I would hate to see what kind of trouble this would have caused if it wasn’t signed, sealed and delivered!”

–James in Portland

Just wanted to say “thanks” to you, Phillip and all the wonderful people with whom I made contact at your firm.

The experience I value the most is when you told me that something I was about to propose was “inflammatory”. Your willingness and courage to give such honest and frank feedback woke me up to an important life lesson. I learned I need to pay more attention to how my actions/words will be received by others. And that I do not have to let my pain or confusion blind my ability to give empathy.

I learned much about myself and other people thru the process of divorce. It was very painful. I am very grateful for your help and efforts to make it quick and lessen suffering.

Christopher of Portland